Jim Gould and Tuck Shumack to Join as Principals, Tom Dwyer to Join as a Senior Advisor

Ogilvy Government Relations announced today that Jim Gould, Tuck Shumack, and Tom Dwyer have joined the firm, bringing additional advocacy skills and tax expertise to one of Washington’s top bipartisan government relations firms.

Gould, Shumack, and Dwyer previously worked in a strategic alliance with Ogilvy through their boutique government relations firm, GDS Strategies. That successful alliance has encouraged further integration of the firms. With collectively more than 35 years of experience representing and advising clients on tax policy matters before Congress, Gould, Shumack and Dwyer bring one of the strongest tax advocacy partnerships in Washington to the Ogilvy team.

“We are excited about adding Jim, Tuck and Tom formally to our team. Their policy expertise and deep understanding of the tax writing committees and members will bring tremendous value to our clients,” said Ogilvy Principal Gordon Taylor. Shumack added, “We think the strengths of Ogilvy’s comprehensive policy expertise and our tax expertise create an unbeatable team.”

Widely respected tax law and tax policy experts, Gould, Shumack and Dwyer have been involved in all aspects of major tax legislation and enforcement issues in recent years. Gould served on Capitol Hill as staff director, chief counsel, and chief tax counsel to the Senate Finance Committee. Shumack has served in a number of senior government positions, including tax and finance counsel to Senator Olympia Snowe, the Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, and Senator Johnny Isakson. Dwyer has served as a corporate general counsel, a partner in a major Washington, D.C. law firm and as tax and banking counsel to Senator John C. Danforth on both the Senate Finance Committee and Senate Commerce Committee.

“This year will be a critical time for industry to engage in tax policy, with comprehensive reform on the horizon and with the prospect of budget deficits far into the future. I look forward to working with the Ogilvy team to help clients participate in the process and ensure that policymakers understand the effects their choices may have on our clients,” said Gould.

“We continue to add value and quality to the range of services we offer our clients and feel fortunate that Jim, Tuck and Tom have agreed to join our team,” said Ogilvy Principal Chris Giblin.